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Bold Iowa Announces First Nation-Farmer Climate Unity March
Frequently Asked Questions
Packing List
The Path to Walking 94 Miles
Path to a 94 Mile Spirit Quest
First Nation March and Faith
Is this our last hope?
Protesters begin 100-mile march against Dakota Access
Cedar Falls woman to join 90-mile march against Dakota Access Pipeline
Anti-DAPL protestors to march through Story, Boone counties next month
KHOI Interview with Kieth Puntenney
The March Support People and Systems
Press Release
Campsites and Community Forums
Code of Nonviolence
Flow of the March

First Night and Iowa Utilities Board Event

Preparation and first night’s thunderstorm
Iowa Utilities Board Press Conference 8/1/2018
Regina Tsosie sings 8/1/2018

Day 1 Sept. 1, 2018 Des Moines – Ankeny 13.3 miles

First Nation – Farmer Climate Unity March: Day 1
The March Begins
First night’s forum at the Griffieon Farm
Rodger Routh video of Ankeny Camp

Day 2 Sept 2, 2018 Ankeny – Huxley 9.0 miles

Day 2 Griffieon Farm to Huxley
Day 2 Matthew Lone Bear video
Forum on Agricultural Practices with Lee Tesdell

Day 3 Sept 3, 2018 Huxley – Ames 9.2 miles

Day 3 Huxley to Ames

Day 4 Sept 4, 2018 Ames – Boone 15.1 miles

Day 4 Ames – Boone

Day 5 Sept 5, 2018 Boone – Pilot Mound 14.0 miles

Day 5 Boone – Pilot Mound

Day 6 Sept 6, 2018 Pilot Mound – Dayton 9.0 miles

Day 6 Pilot Mound – Dayton

Day 7 September 7, 2018    Dayton – Otho 11.7 miles

Day 7 Dayton – Otho

Final Day September 8, 2018    Otho – Fort Dodge 12.4 miles

Day 8 Otho – Fort Dodge

Celebration Fort Dodge Sept 8, 2018

Celebration of the March
Many Steps, One Journey The Messenger 8/8/2018
Christine Nobiss at the end of the March
Donnielle Wanatee at end of the March

Reflections on the March

Reflections on the March
Alton Onefeather’s Photos of the March
Alton and Foxy Onefeather Married
First Nation-Farmer Climate Unity March: Introduction by Jeff Kisling
First Nation-Farmer Climate Unity March: A Reflection by Peter Clay
First Nation-Farmer Climate Unity March brochure Quaker Earthcare Witness

Next Steps

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