Is This Our Last Hope?

The future of life on Mother Earth hangs in the balance. I am convinced that too many tipping points have been reached and exceeded, each one leading further along the path to extinction.

All of the environmental damage and climate change we are seeing is occurring much faster than anyone expected. However, there has been one thing that surprised me, that being the weakening polar vortex, leading to prolonged periods of very cold air temperatures. As the arctic sea ice and permafrost melt, the temperatures during a weak polar vortex will probably not be as cold since the air originates in the arctic. Still, I do wonder if there might be another surprise or two that might save us from extinction.

I am certain that if we do not drastically curb greenhouse gas emissions world wide in an extremely short time, conditions will become so toxic that life will become extinct.

Believing in God, I pray a miracle occurs. But I also wonder if extinction could be God’s plan. There have been extinctions before. The only hope I see is there might be more surprises like the weakening polar vortex that might keep conditions livable.

The only way forward that I can see is to return to a right relationship with Mother Earth. That means making decisions worldwide that will stop the harm and begin to heal the planet. The examples of Indigenous peoples around the world demonstrate what that looks like. The example of the water protectors at Standing Rock shows the way forward. The commitment to prayer, and to nonviolence that stems from those prayers, is our only hope.

I’ve written before about the profoundly spiritual experiences I’ve been blessed to have while working with Native Americans and others in Indianapolis to try to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. I’m very glad to have made similar connections here in Iowa over the past year. Having the opportunity to spend more time, and learn from water protectors in Iowa is why I feel it is important to participate in the First Nation-Farmer Climate Unity March. 

We need drastic, peaceful action now. Business as usual spells doom. We can’t continue to hop into cars anytime we want to go somewhere.  We need to stop flying in airplanes (ever), stop eating red meat, build renewable energy infrastructure, close fossil fuel power plants, advocate for mass transportation. Engage your children because it is their future we need to fight for. We have to speak up for the children and Mother Earth.

You can help bring attention to what we urgently need to do now by helping spread the word about the climate unity march. The best source of information is available on the Bold Iowa website:

Here is the link to a page of links to the blogs and social media sites of some of the marchers:

Here is the Facebook group for the march:

You send press releases about the march to your local newspaper:

Maybe you can find ways for your spiritual supporters to be connected to you and the march. Some Iowa Quakers will be praying together daily during the march.

You can join us for the celebration of the march September 8 at City Square Park in Fort Dodge (information below).

You are more than welcome to join us along the route:2018 route

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