Day 2

We were a bit slow getting started, mainly because of the storm during the night. Most of us were up two or three hours during the most intense parts of the storm. Some people went to the machine shed to sleep. The next morning one person found their tent in the field nearby.

I was really glad to find myself refreshed despite the short night. Our bodies do a good job of rejuvenating. After an awesome breakfast by Lyssa, including French toast with strawberry/blueberry topping (most of us could’t resist second helpings), we prepared to leave for a 9 mile trek today to Huxley, Iowa. It seemed good psychology to have a shorter segment after yesterday’s 13 miles. I never thought I find myself thinking “we’re only walking 9 miles today.”

As you can see, a lot of us marchers are also media folks. Several even have drones to take pictures and video.

At Griffieon Farm ready to start day 2

The sun is shining! Although the clouds were threatening the whole day, we didn’t get any rain. We did see creeks flooding over their banks from the recent rains. One thing we learned later in the week was how significantly the disturbance of the earth during the construction of the pipeline affected the drainage of rain water by the soil.

Sam, our sag wagon driver and scout discovered our intended camping spot at Huxley was underwater. Thankfully, when she was able to contact someone associated with the Fjeldberg Lutheran Church in Huxley, they offered us sanctuary which we are very grateful for. We scattered our sleeping bags throughout the rooms in church. Some of the rooms ended up being co-ed, which led to jokes like “I slept with ______ last night.” But I think that was another good example of building trust and community.


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