The Journey Begins

People are beginning to arrive for the start of the First Nation-Farmer Climate Unity March. We will spend the first night in Union Park in Des Moines, Iowa. I don’t know Des Moines that well, but had been here earlier this year for a Poor People’s Campaign event.

Already here were Peter Clay, a fellow Quaker, and Miriam Kashia. I know Miriam from the Climate Walk from Scattergood Friends School to Iowa City, about 12 miles, in 2013.

The forecast is for rain every day this coming weekend and week, and it did begin to rain soon after I arrived. Peter was setting up his tent, and Mom helped me set up mine. This is only the second time I had setup the tent, the other time in the downstairs at home. But things went pretty well…The first time. After the tents were up we discovered they were in the wrong location in the park, so we had to move them. I learned you can move the assembled tent. Everyone pitched in to move each tent, building community in more ways than one. 🙂

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