First Nation – Farmer Climate Unity March: An Introduction

Quaker Earthcare Witness by Jeff Kisling Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative) Friends Peter Clay and I recently walked on the First Nation-Farmer Climate Unity March. A group of about thirty that included nearly a dozen Native Americans walked 94 miles along the route of the Dakota Access Pipeline from September 1 – 8, 2018. One ofContinue reading “First Nation – Farmer Climate Unity March: An Introduction”

First Nation – Farmer Climate Unity March: A Reflection

Quaker Earthcare Witness, Peter Clay WHAT RESONATES FOR ME as the central experience of the First Nation – Farmer Climate Unity March? Broken relationships and beginning to learn what is required to move into healing. The deepening of existing friendships and the beginning of new friendships across the divide was part of my experience onContinue reading “First Nation – Farmer Climate Unity March: A Reflection”

Day 6 Pilot Mound – Dayton

Day 6. September 6, 2018.  9 miles from Pilot Mound to Oak Park in Dayton, Iowa. Day 6 of the First Nation-Farmer Climate Unity March began with another awesome breakfast by Lyssa Wade. As we were waiting to start walking we saw one of the March t-shirts hanging in the window across the street. FoxyContinue reading “Day 6 Pilot Mound – Dayton”

Day 5 Boone – Pilot Mound

Day 5. September 5, 2018.  14 miles from the Boone County Fairgrounds to Pilot Mound, Iowa. Once again I was pleasantly surprised to awaken feeling fairly refreshed, despite being pretty tired at the end of yesterday’s 15 miles, and staying up late to write. Since we were all sleeping in the same large room, theContinue reading “Day 5 Boone – Pilot Mound”

Day 4 Ames – Boone

Fourth Day.  September 4, 2018. 15 miles from Ames to the Boone County Fairgrounds. I believe today is our longest mileage march–15 miles. More rain is predicted for this afternoon and there are flash flood warnings. The group is becoming more cohesive as we share our stories. As Donnielle said, “we are a tribe.” WeContinue reading “Day 4 Ames – Boone”